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Appointment Request

1. Medical Examination report (MER) (Commerical driver fitness determination form)

2. Medical Examiner Certificate (MEC)

3. Glasses if required 

4. Hearing aids if required

5. Last medical exam report card

6. List of all medications with dosages

7. Other if applicable:  

  • Cardiologist clearance letter,
  • Skill Performance Evaluation
  • Any exemptions

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 5:00 pm.

Saturday & Sunday Closed

We typically have same day or next day appointments for DOT physicals.

Call 480 656 5233 for scheduling

Step 1:  Call 480 656 5233 for an appt

Step 2:  Getting your DOT CDL physical exam:

  • Health history review
  • A thorough physical exam
  • A urine test

Step 3:  We will complete the Medical Examination Report (MER) and its supporting documentation, including Medical Examiner Certificate (MEC)

Dr. Kimberly R. Brown is a licensed, board certified Naturopathic Doctor who is listed on the Department of Transportation National Registry as a Medical Examiner   Read More...

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Contact Us  480 656 5233

Cost of Exam: $65


DOT CDL exams includes a B-12 injection if requested.  Forms of payment: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Health Savings Acct

I've been suffering with sciatica pain for months and decided to try acupuncture.  I found Dr. Kimberly Brown.  she has changed my life.  The office is pleasant and relaxing.  Dr. Brown's treatment and technique  (she explains and describes each procedure) is painless.  And with each treatment my pain became less and less until it was totally gone.  I highly recommend anyone to try acupuncture with Dr. Brown her knowledge and treatment are exceptional!  

                                                --Donna S.  Phoenix AZ


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